In-branch marketing. control over your monitors
Smart marketing campaigns
With gotime’s in – branch marketing system We provide an easy-to-use monetization platform, in order to help you manage your marketing campaigns. Those campaigns will be broadcasted through the monitors that are installed in your service centers, in order to make your products and services visible to your customers.
Create an immediate impact
With Gotime’s customer – oriented marketing platform you can display the right product at the right time. That will help you increase your conversion rate and make every customer visit count.
  • Show what they realy want to buy

    Gotime enables customer – oriented marketing campaigns. Due to a smart & dynamic content presentation interface, we allow you to present the right commercial content to the actual person who is looking at the monitor. Don’t show your customers random commercials, show them what they want to pay for.

    Show me how
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Easy to use &
Easy to manage

GoTime is designed to be used by everyone. It can be integrated with any system out there, and to be used or managed by any person out there. No technical knowledge necessary just plug, play and broadcast.

Promote your products
with videos and photos

GoTime allows you to use any commercial photo and any commercial video. With a drag & drop user interface, uploading and broadcasting your commercial content can't be easier.

Have control
from anywhere you choose

GoTime is built for dynamic people that are managing dynamic businesses. Therefore, you can operate and manage your campaigns from everywhere and in a matter of seconds. You can control any device or monitor from your office, home or while you are on your way to a meeting. It is a powerful system, yet very easy to use.